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It's All About Connecting


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Phone System

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I've always been a talker...

I think it comes from how much I enjoy connecting with people; learning their stories, sharing in their passions, collaborating and creating in general. From winning speaking competitions in public school, to thriving on stage in high school, then a Radio Degree in college and now a rockin' full time voice over career; I'm incredibly thankful to be doing what I love every day! I'm excited to learn more about your project - whether it's a commercial, video game character, audiobook, podcast, telephone system or a project that's never been heard before - we'll work together to bring the voice you hear in your head out for your listeners/customers to enjoy! Click Get In Touch to tell me all about your creative needs.

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My Radio Broadcasting degree included courses in script writing (both creative and commercial), audio production/editing and marketing. My voice over career is based on a foundation of my experience working in the radio industry as a script writer, producer, marketer and voice talent. This versatility means I know the process and I have the extensive behind-the-scenes knowledge to make sure you get the Total Package!


Personalized Approach

I'll connect with your target audience emotionally and speak directly to your sought after listeners. They'll feel as though your message is created specifically for them.



Committed to Excellence

My dynamic voice over will compel your audience to act and always leave your listeners wanting more. Whether it's a product purchase, a like, comment or follow, your listeners will happily interact!



Exceeding Expectations

My custom read and your creative message will cut through the clutter, leaving a memorable, lasting impression long after the final word. I'm vocalizing a visual concept via theatre of the mind.

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Connair LanessaVO Review (1)

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Performance Review - Sarah, Author

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Voice Over

With prompt delivery, polite communication and high quality service, I provide insightful, powerful and versatile voice overs for every project, anywhere! 

Voiceover Editing

This includes: breath removal, cleaning up audio, mastering, as well as ensuring proper file formatting.

Script Optimization

This includes: spelling, punctuation, and grammar corrections as well as ensuring flow and creative flair.

Audio Production

This includes: the addition of music or sound effects, proper mixdowns as well as the building of a scene.


Need my voice actor services? Share your project details with me and request your free custom short sample audition today!
Please include information like: what medium the project is for (tv, radio, youtube etc), the length of the finished product, a description of the read style you'd like, your budget, and any other details you'd like me to know before we start.
Include your favourite colour for a special surprise when we work together on our first project! 

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